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Born in Argentina into a family of women who knitted, my grandmother taught me the skill at the age of 12. I instantly fell in love. Most of my knitting items are creations of my own imagination. This means you will not find mass-produced products of mine. I use only crème-de-la-crème yarn for my projects and believe that beauty is in the details. ​​

Ten years ago my family moved to Arkansas where people welcomed my handknitted items and inspired me to make One-of-a-Kind felted t-shirts, blankets (like the one pictured above) and purses. I couldn't keep up with orders, so I made the decision to screen print my designs, thus also making them more monetarily accessible. I've added so many products since.

A few years later, I decided to share the luxurious yarn I use for my products with all knitters, and PS Yarn was born. My goal was to provide the most expensive brands and quality of yarn at factory prices. I buy from the factory and sell directly to you. I also sell the longest handmade wooden kitting needles and some of the best circular needles sets available in the world!

Since Ximena & Elle was named after me and my oldest daughter, I decided to name the yarn store after Paul and Sara: my youngest two.